Our consultation locations

Luxembourg - Centre Ville

Luxembourg - Centre Ville

Who am I?

Martine DUPONT, acupuncture specialist.

Martine Dupont was trained at the "European Shanghai Collège". After several internships in China, in the hospitals of the University of Shanghai, she obtained the acupuncture diploma of the University of Shanghai, recognized by the WHO. Martine Dupont has also followed specialized training in obesity, fertility and aesthetics with Dr. Martha Lucas in Denver (USA) and Dr. Tan (TANWUBIAN method) in San Diego (USA). Martine Dupont obtained, with honors, the WFAS qualification, internationally recognized in the practice of acupuncture and moxibustion

Why choose acupuncture?

The balance of body and mind is our priority


What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture uses very fine needles that act on the body energy, called the QI. It is possible to achieve the same results with a laser, in a non-invasive way.


What can acupuncture treat?

Many problems can be treated by acupuncture : cigarettes, overweight, stress,… Come and learn what acupuncture can do for you.



After analysis of the treatment questionnaire, you will be treated in a quiet room. High-quality, disposable needles will be used.


After the first

Although in some cases results can appear from the first session, it usually takes 5 to 6 sessions to appreciate the improvement.

Our formulas

We adapt to your needs but have, for your convenience, designed complete and consistent formulas


1 session - € 75

5 treatment package

Stress, insomnia, back pain, temporary loss of energy, allergies, immunity booster in the fall

5 sessions - € 360

10 treatment package

10 treatment package recommended for: stress, burn out, chronic back pain, insomnia, multi-factorial allergies

10 sessions - € 700

Weight control

Acupuncture is a great help in weight loss because it helps to restore good metabolic function

From € 500


It has long been established that acupuncture allows a withdrawal from this annoying and expensive habit

4 sessions - € 350

Female Disorders

Female disorders (dismenorrhea, amenorrhea, menstrual disorders), postpartum pain and depression, menopausal disorders

From 350€

In companies

Human resources managers, company directors, managers, you can benefit and make your employees benefit from the benefits of acupuncture, in the form of a discovery session. If you have a quiet room, we can provide regular care. Acupuncture thwarts daily stress and brings well-being at work

On request only

Customer reviews

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To know

Some documents related to the practice of acupuncture and our practice

Information & Reservations

We are happy to answer your questions and take your reservations

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E-mail: info@md-acupuncture.lu

Our consultation locations

Luxembourg - Centre Ville

Luxembourg - Centre Ville

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