Who am I?

Martine DUPONT, acupuncture specialist.

Martine Dupont was trained at the European Shanghai College. After several internships in China, in the hospitals of the University of Shanghai, she obtained the acupuncture diploma of the University of Shanghai, recognised by the WHO. Martine Dupont has also followed specialised training courses in obesity, fertility and aesthetics with Dr Martha Lucas in Denver (USA) and with Dr Tan (TANWUBIAN method) in San Diego (USA). She has also followed the teaching of Barbara Brennan in Healing (USA). Martine Dupont obtained, with the highest distinction, the WFAS doctoral qualification.

Why choose acupuncture?

The balance of body and mind is our priority


What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture uses very fine needles that act on the body energy, called the QI. It is possible to achieve the same results with a laser, in a non-invasive way.


What can acupuncture treat?

Many problems can be treated by acupuncture : cigarettes, overweight, stress,… Come and learn what acupuncture can do for you.



After analysis of the treatment questionnaire, you will be treated in a quiet room. High-quality, disposable needles will be used.


After the first

Although in some cases results can appear from the first session, it usually takes 5 to 6 sessions to appreciate the improvement.

Our formulas

We adapt to your needs but have, for your convenience, designed complete and consistent formulas

90 €

Single session

Ideal for discovering acupuncture, or for de-stressing from time to time. An acupuncture session is also an asset to overcome jet-lag.

This choice can also be made for ease of reimbursement by your private health insurance.

425 €

5 sessions’ package

This package is particularly indicated for the treatment of stress, insomnia, lumbago-dorsalgia-cervicalgia and allergies.

It is also recommended to boost your energy in autumn or to detoxify you at the change of seasons.


Numerous studies have proven that acupuncture is valuable, especially in cases of unexplained infertility, which accounts for +/- 50% of infertility.

Acupuncture treats both men and women. In her practice, Martine Dupont recommends sessions for couples. Infertility, IVF, MAP, come and talk to us.

1190 €

Around the birth

Congratulations, a baby is announced. Acupuncture gently accompanies the pregnancy, particularly for nausea, pre- and post-partum emotional disorders, preparation for delivery, post-partum (by vaginal delivery or caesarean section).

With a kind and benevolent support.

425 €

425 €

Female disorders

Acupuncture is particularly well known for treating female disorders: menstrual pain, amenorrhoea, dismenorrhoea, menopausal disorders.

The treatment is adapted to each client and the most suitable package will be advised.

610 €

Weight management

A package of 8 sessions, specially designed for weight management (obesity, bulimia, anorexia), and metabolic disorders (flatulence, bloating, intolerance).

This treatment can be used in addition to medical treatment with your regular doctor.

Our practice also offers specialised consultations with a Doctor, specialised in nutritherapy and integrative medecine to help you in a benevolent way towards your well-being.

Chronic conditions

The 10-session package is recommended for conditions that have become chronic: stress, insomnia, back pain, back pain and neck pain, allergies and multi-factorial allergies.

It is perfect for accompanying you in case of burn-out.

795 €


It has long been established that acupuncture is an effective and frustration-free way to stop smoking.

In just a few sessions, smoking will be a thing of the past.

430 €


Treatment of an addiction

Just as acupuncture is effective in smoking cessation, acupuncture can be very effective in treating all types of addiction (video games, gambling, drugs, alcohol, sugar).

Please contact us for more information.


Gift voucher

Introduce your loved ones to acupuncture, offer a session or a package: an original gift that changes lives.

However, don't forget that acupuncture should remain a personal choice.

For the benefit of companies

If it is not appropriate to bring the practice of acupuncture into the company - for reasons of hygiene in particular - it is welcome that the company takes care of its employees.

Why not offer this alternative medicine to prevent or manage work-related stress that can lead to burn-out.

Various formulas are available, all of which are tax-deductible.

As desired

Appointments are to be made exclusively on the doctena.lu platform.

No appointments can be requested by telephone and/or e-mail.

Our consultation locations

Luxembourg - City Centre

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